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You should know up front that it is likely some of the positions we take will challenge your existing beliefs. Those of us who specialize in personal financial economics had to face that same issue. After all, we did not set out to be contrarian. We were confronted with a different perspective and had to choose whether to ignore it and walk the mainstream financial industry path, or be open to learning something new. Just like you. You’ll also make that choice.

Some make the choice informatively; some do not. It’s up to you. While it may not appear so, it bears repeating that a seemingly simple, obvious, and benign financial action can result in a lost potential in the tens to the hundreds of thousands of dollars – a difference that can be easily proven, but never suspected up front.

Please consider this: when all is said and done, we each must live with the results of our own actions – and, of equal importance, our own inactions. The advice givers, as well meaning as they may be, will be long gone and will never make up the difference when the advice doesn’t work out.  So, we try to avoid giving advice. We believe in personal empowerment. In essence we say “here’s what happens, why it happens, and the risks involved, if you do this or if you do that” and we will do that for as long as you want or need until it is fully understood. Then you choose what you want to do.

It’s actually a lot easier than it may sound and the rewards are truly great. What makes it easier is this:

with highly advanced, state of the art, proprietary software we have the capability to calculate the results of different financial actions with precision; to compare them; and, to vividly demonstrate them in order to achieve full understanding. The results speak for themselves.

We do not tell people what to do. We show them their valid options and respect their right to choose their own path. Just like we did.

Here are our answers, with explanation, by category. Thank you.

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